By Stevie

I explain all this, for the most part, in my first post Foobar accumulation. But here’s the rundown, shorty. This here blog’s about physics, but I’m not going to explain what I think someone else can explain better. I’m not about that. Instead, I’m going to provide you lots o’links on topics. And these topics are about whatever you want them to be! So just lemme know.

Additionally, cause I’m in Washington, DC, at the mo’ and have kinda made it my mission to stay abreast as to whats a-goin on here (there loads of neat-o things to do), I’ll also write a bit about what’s happenin in this college-nostalgic city I currently call home.

So there you have it! I’m a random physics grad whose trying to find an answer to her friends’ and family’s interesting questions, and place those redirections in one convenient location. Here.

– Amanda Stevie B.


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