articles, articles, articles (and other cool shit).

(1) NSF Article: “A Star is Born…But How?” which describes exactly that. It’s a brief, but good article about research into the birth of stars that’s being done at Columbia University (funded by NSF, of course).

(2) NASA article about the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) sky survey “Like a globe-trotting shutterbug.” That guy was on something when he said that.

NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, will complete its first survey of the entire sky on July 17. The mission has generated more than one million images so far, of everything from asteroids to distant galaxies

(3) “A Scientist Takes on Gravity,” from the New York Times. This article ain’t too bad, even though sensationalism always bothers me a bit. And if you have any further questions about it, please let me know.

Reversing the logic of 300 years of science, [Erik Verlinde, a string theorist and physics professor at the University of Amsterdam] argued in a recent paper, titled “On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton,” that gravity is a consequence of the venerable laws of thermodynamics, which describe the behavior of heat and gases.

There is more, and seemingly more reasoned, information on this on the blog Asymptotia. But, regardless of whether it’s right or not, it’s verrrry interrrrresting.

(4) “New Primate Fossil Found in Saudi Arabia.” Fun archaeology article. I love shit like this. Always dreamed of being a tomb rader. But that was after veterinary surgeon, astronaut, and president of the United States, so…yeah, it was last year.

That’s it for now! Weaker than I expected, but that’s cause the other stuff I got planned will have full posts to explain em. Anyways, enjoy!


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