This guy can explain me some things.

Brian Cox seems like quite a dude. What an excellent speaker. Whenever I come across a lecture from him on the interwebs I stop and listen. In fact, I’ve been planning to post some of his talks for a while now, but I wanted to do it properly. So here we go…

Here’s the first excellent Ted talk from Brian Cox (that I’m listing, not that he did) on the wonders of science. Well, I do think science is prrretty wonderful. Cox runs through some history, and mmmwell, generally inspires. It’s just…lovely…

Gimme s’more! you say? Well, here ya go. Another great Ted talk from Brian Cox, this time on the LHC. The talk covers a broad range of topics (coherently too — and in only 15 minutes!) listed below with links.

Topics covered:

  1. Large Hadron Collider (see earlier blog post 1 and post 2)
  2. ATLAS detector (CERN page and Wiki page)
  3. The early Universe (There will be a post on this soon! This is the area of physics I know best. Meanwhile, here’s a link to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s explanation and some – a bit higher level – info from Preposterous Universe.)
  4. Elementary particles and forces (the Wiki page is the best I could find, for the moment, and you might want to just stop after the overview)
  5. The standard model/Higgs particle (Check out my earlier post for a slew of good links. Also, there’s this post from Cosmic Variance, “Higgs 101,” that I missed before. Good stuff.)
  6. Strength of forces of nature (This is a great post from Uncertain Principles. He talks about what “force” means in general, but he starts to talk about the fundamental forces around paragraph 9.)
  7. Supersymmetry (For a verrry basic intro, go here. But you can also go here, and scroll down, for a little more. Then there’s also the Wikipedia entry, a’course. The intro’s really good.)
  8. Evolution of the Universe, particle physics and cosmology (Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma, anyway? I mean, come on.) I plan to write a post on this soon, taking you through all the major era’s of the history of the Universe, but until then — you can learn more about the evolution of the Universe from my amazing undergraduate adviser here and from Sean Carroll’s old blog Preposterous Universe here. Theeeen go here to click around and learn more about cosmology and the Big Bang theory from NASA. Or you can just click on the picture in the upper-right-hand corner of this blog page (above the links). But, like I said, I’ll be explaining more later, so stay tuned!

Enough for you? I recommend, to get the most out of this talk (and because it’s so short and entertaining), you go through it twice. First, just watch it. Second time, stop it at each of the topics and read a little on the topic. Theeeen, if you have some extra time, watch the talk again. Really, it’s such a joy to watch this (yes, I’m bringing that back, well that and sexy). Ch-ch-check it out.

Questions? Poste em in the comments section and, if necessary, I’ll do a follow-up post!

P.S. So… seriously, we’re not going to create a massive black hole at the LHC. Promise. Don’t believe him.


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