a weekend in the district. 6/11 – 6/13/10

Lots ta do, lots ta see in this city of bustle and hustle! Here are a few tasters:

Friday, June 11th

The Room at AFI (Tommy Wiseau’s even supposed to be there!). Check out this article/interview/trailers from Express Night Out. What brilliant madness. (Oh, FYI, it’s playing June 11th through 13th, according to Express.)

DC Digital Capital Week Kickoff Party at Blagden Alley (9pm to 3am)! From the Pinkline Project, a party that is sure to please. In fact, man, there is just so much goin on at this shindig (for one thing, my friend Chris Nitti is DJing — he’s baller), so much talent, that I’m just wondering where they’re going to fit everyone… But if they manage it, daaamn! Anyways, entry is $20 (and they highly recommend you get advanced tickets), but they say that includes free beer. Click on the link above for more information and to purchase tickets to this sweet event.

Saturday, June 12th

DIGITAL LOVE with Chris Nitti, Ratt Moze and ZAKEE at Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar on H Street (details on the Facebook page)

We’re bringing Digital Love to Little Miss Whiskey’s. Expect strong drinks, a thumping soundsystem and killer vibe all night.

Very excited to have ZAKEE down from Philly. If you’ve yet to experience Ku Ku Bass – his original blend of dub, afro-beat, hip hop, punk and world music – then get on it. This is an international artist spinning in your backyard…for free.

Another Nerd Nite at DC9 (6-930pm): “glowing fish, financial meltdowns and some smart apes.” I recommend getting advanced tickets because they always sell out (unless you’re cool with sitting downstairs and watching the talks on their TVs). Go to the site linked above (their facebook page) to read about the talks, purchase advanced tickets, and get the general deets.

Sunday, June 13th

Sunday Cookout Jamboree at the Cherch! The Cherch (1616 New Jersey Ave NW), a wicked house venue, is having a cookout/show this Sunday evening that’s going to be excellent. Cookout starts at 4pm (bring things to grill and/or drink!), then music will start promptly at 5pm and go till 9pm. Four bands will be playing in total, two from Maryland and two from North Carolina. For more details and to check out the bands, go to the Facebook page! DO IT.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I’ve got at the moment (or am able to remember from emails). Damn, I wish there were some good science lectures I could get my hands on… Life can’t be too perfect can it? Anyways, have a good weekend!

P.S. Know of something awesome happening in DC that you want to share? Post it in the comments or email me at thesevibesaretoocosmic@gmail.com. I’ll be sure to advertise!


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