Large Hadron Collider, part deux. The Higgs.

It’s been a leeettle while, but continuing on from my LHC I post, I’m here to give you some links to the much talked about Higgs boson. The Higgs boson (a.k.a. the “God particle”) is one of the most exciting things in physics at the mo’ (as one of my advisers once said “It’s oh so sexy.”). Woah it’s hot!

I’ve been reading up on the Higgs field/boson for a little while now, and here are the best links I’ve found where you can learn more:

  1. A good place to start: from SciTechUK, Brian Cox explains particle accelerators and then focuses down on the Higgs:  (Here’s more from SciTechUK.)
  2. I really like this Scientific American article “What exactly is the Higgs Boson? Have physicists proved that it really exists?” — This is baller. It’s a series of explanations from several eminent physicists. I generally need the same thing explained in several different times and in several different ways before I actually grasp/remember it. So you can pick and choose among the explanations to see which makes the most sense to you.
  3. Higgs boson explanation from the exploratorium.edu.
  4. Wikipedia page for the Higgs boson. Awesome, as usual. Although this is kind of high-level, it’s a great place to learn more.
  5. “What will the LHC find?” from Cosmic Variance. This is an excellent, older post where the Higgs boson is listed #1 as what the LHC should find now that it’s turned on! There’s also a brief explanation. Honestly, I can’t believe I missed putting this post on my original LHC post. Check this out!
  6. “Where the Higgs at?” from the blog PhysicsBuzz. So this is actually just a short post on hip hop and physics, with a video of the Fermilab rap! So, you might learn a bit from the hilarious video, but this ain’t the only place you should go to learn about the Higgs.

On a different note, here’s a weird Higgs satire from the Morning News. Aaaaaand an LHC update!


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