Cassini and Dave!

Hey all. So you know all those stunning pictures of Saturn we all know and love? Well, just about all of them come from NASA’s Cassini mission, which has been cruisin’ round Saturn for running on six years now. Remember when we first saw those pictures?…well, I do. It was awesome.

When it comes to voyages of discovery, NASA’s venerable Cassini mission is about as good as it gets.

You are so right New York Times! Cassini IS as good as it gets!

Check out this article sent to me by Katie. I’m not generally a fan of newspaper articles for anything science-y, but this one’s pretty great! At least for an overview of Cassini’s mission, challenges, and future.

And whose that handsome devil in the middle?! Well that’s my friend Dave! He’s awesome, and now famous! There ya go Dave. You’re awesome. And famous.

P.S. If you can find a working copy of the New Kids on the Block video “These Are the Dave’s I Know,” please (please!) let me know!


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