Supervolcanoes on the sea floor, and one in our backyard.

Although it seems at times to get a bit too bogged down in the details, this is still a really cool article.

This underwater mountain chain is one of the largest supervolcanoes in the world: the top of Shatsky Rise lies three and a half kilometers (about two miles) below the sea’s surface, while its base plunges to nearly six kilometers (four miles) beneath the surface.

Additionally, and this blew my mind when I first read about it, but Yellowstone National Park is one GIANT supervolcano! and it’s even active! How crazy is that? (You can read about it on the Discovery Channel site, but it seems so damn sensationalist. . . But it’s nothing compared to this, I guess. Anyways, I prefer the Wikipedia page.) After the giant asteroid, Steve thinks that this is how we’re all going to die. But what does he know. . .

(P.S. Notice today’s theme?)


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