The Large Hadron Collider

Ah, well, sigh. If we can’t have the Superconducting Supercollider, thank jebus the Large Hadron Collider is finished and starting to collect data! I’ve gotten a lot of great questions, and had some awesome drink-induced conversations about this fantastical piece of machinery. In fact, those questions and conversations were what really gave me the idea to create this blog (no diggity). So, I’ll quit my ramblin’. Here are some of the best links I’ve found to address all your many LHC learning needs. Oh! and there’s an LHC blog!

(1) So here’s a great place to start: the Cosmic Variance post I and II on the LHC. Both short, but informative.

(2) Lisa Randall and Kyle Cranmer on Charlie Rose. I watched this the other night and it was excellent. My mom thought so too. And I think my housemate has a crush on Lisa Randall. Join the club Steve (of which I think Charlie Rose is a member — notice how he seems to ignore Cranmer most of the interview).

(3) CERN’s LHC website (for general public). Sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source. CERN is the laboratory at which the LHC is located, straddling the Switzerland-France border. (My quantum professor once told me this awesome story of his son jumping the fence to sneak into CERN. BAD ASS.) There’s a lot of great information on here, including a rundown of all the detectors. Check it out, dogg.

(4) “An Insider’s Guide to the Large Hadron Collider” from Wired Mag (it’s an exerpt from the book Collider by Paul Halpern).

(5) “High Energy Particle Physics Demystified” another great Wired Mag article, this time with a bit more about particle physics in general, rather than just the LHC magnificence.

(6) “A Tumultuous Year at the LHC” by Lisa Randall (from October 2009). This article is a bit out of date, but it’s a good outline of what was goin’ on in 2008/2009 in case you want some extra background.

Kk, that’s it for now… but I’ll probably do a part deux sometime soon! As always, please hound me with any questions. I love em.


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