Foobar accumulation

Hiya world. Welcome to my physics (primarily) blog. My housemate swears that this is better than one big email chain. He’s probably right. But he also wants to name our future dog Grrrlie, so we’ll see.

So here’s the point of this bloggidyblog: to gather links about physics (mostly cosmology, as that’s my primary interest) from around the interwebs and put them in this one handy location where people (yes, probably just my mom — hi momma — and maybe kate) can check em out. That’ll be the primary function of this space, however I’ve also been spamming some friends with emails about cool shit I’ve found across the internet — whether it’s physics-related, DC-related, or just awesome-related — so there’ll be some of that as well. Additionally, I plan to keep the commentary limited, at first anyways. So the typical post will be just an accumulation of links about a topic, although I’ll give a little description of each link so you can decide what to click on. And the topics will mostly just be whatever people ask me about in the bar, on the stoop, in the comments section of the posts, via email, during fornication… you know, whatever and whenever really. You let me know, and I’ll gather the links.

My aim is, rather than trying to answer physics questions myself, which I do love to do when I can, I’ll direct you to other blogs, videos, books, articles, etc. where you can find some of the greatest and most eloquent physics minds writing about incredibly interesting things. For example, I’ll likely direct you to one of my favorite blogs, Cosmic Variance, alotalot. Basically, I’ve gotten enough requests for suggestions and explanations about physics-related topics that I thought it was finally time to blog rather than email-spam. Also, if I send one email about the LHC, say, you never know who else might be interested.

Furthermore, I plan to give you, the reader, some credit. I wont treat you like a child, but an intelligent, reasonably-informed individual. You know, I’ll assume you’re smart, but that physics just ain’t your area of expertise. Also, for no other reason than I just want to, I’ll put up some physics papers and such from time to time for you to take a gander at.

!!! And, always, if you have any questions at all about the physics pleaseplease ask. Just ask Professor Felder (and anyone I’ve tutored), I’m a damn firm believer in asking question after question after question. I probably annoyed the bejesus out of that guy. Anyways, if it’s about physics, it’s not stupid, someone else probably wants to know too, and I would love to help! So ask. Do it. I double-dogg-dare you.

Without further ado, please check out these awesome nerdy comics on xkcd. They rock my (and Grahsler’s) world.


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